We move through life fast. Being rooted to the moment is when we pause, watch, listen and feel. We see, hear and notice more of our natural surroundings.

This blog is home to a series of moments just like that.

By sharing these moments, I invite you to do the same.

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Me in Greenwich Park

A little more background

Nature has always fascinated me. From the flow of a river to the night sky, I would look on in wonder. I have also been fortunate enough to visit some beautiful places across the world.

But like many of you who may have found this blog, I live in the city, I work at a desk, and life feels fast - too fast. It can often be stressful. Its difficult to maintain perspective, be calm and be relaxed. And without those things it can be difficult to be happy and fully enjoy life around us.

So I explored meditation and mindfulness as a way to counteract those effects. And I found it powerful. It gave me more natural concentration and awoke my senses. Soon I realised this also allowed me to enjoy more of the nature within reach. Be that a small nature reserve in the city or a big, remote forest. I heard more, saw more, felt more, tasted and smelt more. It was fantastic! A richer experience. And I felt calmer, more relaxed and gained perspective.

I spent 2017 exploring this opportunity further and posted each month and tracked the seasons through the moments I shared on this blog. It was a wonderful learning experience and I was pleased to share it with so many of you.

It turns out there is significant and mounting evidence to show that time spent in green or blue spaces can really help our mental health and reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other symptoms. You can read some highlights from that evidence at the 'a little on the science' page. 

Nature and mindfulness go naturally together. I am no mindfulness expert but as I continue to explore this further, I encourage you to join me. Get out, find a place to be rooted in the moment and, if you feel so inclined, I'd be delighted to hear about it!